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Немецкий для иностранцев

German for foreigners with English speaking teachers

Немецкий язык для иностранцев

Preliminary registration is necessary.

Hurry up the number of places in the groups is limited.

We start our lessons in  September.

 The Germans are dangerous to the public:

they unexpectedly pull a poem out of their pockets and start up a philosophical discussion.”
(Heinrich Heine)

We not only prepare you for dealing with lyrical and philosophical texts, but we also enable you to master communication in everyday as well as business situations.

  •    Learn to write and speak purposefully in different situations.

  •   Learn to use German effectively and correctly.

  •   Don’t forget, we tailor the teaching to your personal or specialist requirements.

We teach German as a foreign language:
• At all levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2.
• For students, companies and private individuals.
• In preparation for the Test DaF.
• In small groups or one-to-one.

We have individual or group courses:

• Writing workshops e.g. for professional business correspondence, original advertising copy, meaningful reports.
• Verbal communication workshops e.g. for correct negotiation skills, for effective presentation skills, for High German.
• Focus Classes for presentation skills and group communication.
• Workshops offering a combination of these courses.
• Courses for personal or specialist requirements.
Tell us what your goals are and we will design a detailed, tailored concept exactly to your needs.


Quantity of students

The duration of the lesson

The price for each student


The Individual lesson (1 person)

1,5 hour

390 UAH

According to the individual program

The Semi-individual lesson (2-3 people)

1,5 hour

490 UAH

According to the individual program

The Group lesson (8-9 people)

1,5 hour (12 lessons per month)

1850 UAH






A special propose for the first eight students!!!

You have the chance to practice you German with native speakers by costless visiting of our Speaking club. Improve your German language now and be a successful person in future.

Our Address: Rymarskaja str, 18
Telephone: +38(063) 408 68 77
+38(066) 926 57 03
+380(063) 919 47 28

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